Thursday, September 21, 2006

Inner Fire, Fishponds Road, Bristol

There's no shortage at all of Indian restaurants, takeaways and delivery services in Bristol, that's for sure. To stand out, then, one would have to be very, very good indeed. Such a place is Inner Fire, which you'll find in Fishponds Road, just a few steps from Eastville Park.

Inner Fire offer takeaway, delivery and a full restaurant service - note that if you collect rather than opt for delivery you'll get 10% off. Cool.

The food is, quite simply, superb. None of the homogenised effect you often get with UK Indian food, the flavours all speak for themselves but meld into a totality that far exceeds the sum of the parts, and it's all so fresh! A proper review and some pictures in the not too distant future, I hope.

In the meantime, give them a go, you won't be disappointed. Call them on 0117 965 7999.