Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sue's Snack Shack, Horfield Common, Bristol

Back before Southmead Test Centre closed this was a favourite stopping-off point for orange-tabbarded motorcycle instructors who brought their yellow-covered students, following behind like ducklings, here for a break and a de-brief. The ducklings may have departed, but Sue's still holds sway as the the premier tea spot on Horfield Common.

It's tradional British roadside fare, griddled just-about-anything with or without onions. And, of course, tea. The tea's with you in a flash, the food is cooked or reheated to order: all as it should be. There's no rush here, most of the clientele are regulars who're glad of a break and a chat with friends. Even in vile weather, which isn't exactly uncommon around here, the view across the common is a fine one.

The delight above is a Cheeseburger without onions, or indeed relish of any sort. I like onions, but they don't much like me so I chose not to go for them. I also chose not to bother with relish, which was I think a mistake as the cheese - a hand-cut slice of generic cheddar - didn't offer the degree of lubrication my preferred slice of processed stuff would have done. Still, for £3.20 I ate enough to keep myself going for the rest of the day and got to spend a few happy minutes gazing over the common with a really very nice cup of tea. Can't be bad :)