Thursday, May 18, 2006

Steve's Fish 'n' Chips, Shepton Mallet

Steve's is Shepton Mallet's original Fish & Chip Shop and is located in the centre of town, opposite The Bell. It's got that real chippie look and the awkward access that tells you that if there's any sort of queue whatsoever the food must be good. I get stuff from there regularly: this note is to show you what you'll get should you choose to visit and to provide a baseline for judging other local competitors...

As you can see, the F&C comes in traditional newsprint (albeit unused, thanks to the usual EC idiocy) and features those proper, bloated, really-cut-from-a-potato chips. By the time you get them home they're no better than lukewarm, of course. Yummy (especially with a good shot of Mayo). Try that with a little cardboard thing of McFries!

The fish? Gorgeous crisp batter, beautifully moist just-cooked cod. Perfect.

I know other people don't rate this place, but I really can't fault it. I've never had a bad meal from Steve's and every time I walk past I get this urge for a fish supper...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

OK, so here's the score. You have to prepare a "gourmet" meal for four bearing the following in mind:

1. You're in a bunker following a nuclear strike. Consider this to be a home-made bunker, not a second-hand ICBM base, so you're going to be limited in terms of the types of food you will have available, the sort of cooking facilities you may have and the amount of water you can afford to use;

2. You should be aiming not just for taste but also to take specific account of the nutritional requirements of the people in the bunker in the situation in which you all find yourselves.

Your task is to provide a menu/recipe for your meal, an explanation for your choices and details of what's in your bunker. There's a decent prize for the winner, who will be the one who produces the most with the least and who, IMHO, offers the best chance of cooking through disaster to survival.

If you need clarification, please leave your questions via the comments facility. Good luck...

UPDATE: The winning entry (actually the only entry) is The Boss's Salt Cod and Ackee meal which cleverly fits all the parameters of the contest. Full details of the meal (and pictures) to follow.