Thursday, March 30, 2006

Chilli With Basil And Sun-Dried Tomato Dumplings

The title pretty much explains this simple and flexible recipe! Make up a pot of your favourite chilli and, once it's done, throw in some suitably flavoured dumplings and cook 'em through. Serve up the dumplings with the chilli (surprise, surprise) and some form of side salad and away you go.

Here's all I used for the dumplings. If you've never made these before you'll be quite amazed at just how simple they are. I always just follow the recipe on the Atora packet. You *really* should use Atora, IMHO, anything else just wouldn't be cricket.

And here's the stuff for the chilli. Everyone's got their own way of making this dish, of course. I tend to use a mixture of pork and beef, both cut into cubes rather than as mince. Beer is also essential to my version (both in the chilli and in the chef).

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