Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Beer-Buggered Chicken

The late, great Martin Dyson gave me this recipe. He swore it works, and I'm still prepared to believe him, despite the failure I'll describe here. The basic recipe is very simple - ram an opened can of beer into a chicken, wrap the thing in foil and shove it *into* your barbecue coals whilst you cook other food.

Should work, yes? I'd say so, though from personal experience I would point out that aluminium cans burn given half a chance, something which has a fairly negative effect on any chicken they may happen to be stuffed up at the time.

Anyway, perhaps you'll be able to do a better job, so here's my pictorial guide to the process. Firstly, we take a chicken, some beer and some herbs for stuffing the bird (in this case lemon balm, which I find very fine for stuffing chickens). Season the outside of the chicken, too.

Now, insert the the herbs and the opened can. Might be worth making sure either that the neighbours aren't looking or that you're not alone when you do this. You have been warned.

Next wrap it in cooking foil...

Shove it in the barbie...

Get cooking...

And some while later, I hope after you've removed the other food, you'll get the most awesome volcanic eruption as flames and white ash burst forth from your chicken package. At least I did. There was *nothing* left.

Please give this a go and, if you produce something you can actually eat, tell me what it tastes like, I'm dying to know!

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